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Data listed below:
-    Orthophoto DOF050 for bigger areas and orhophoto DOF025

-    Data from Real estate market records
-    Land cadastre data with owners
-    Building cadastre data with owners and
-    Real estate register data with owners
can be obtained on the base of the Digital data order form, available below on the page. Clients who order personal data (data on owners) must prove the legal basis.

All other data sets:
-    Orthophoto DOF050 (sheet by sheet)
-    National topographic database
-    National topographic maps
-    National large-scale maps
-    Digital elevation model
-    Basic geodetic system
-    Register of geographical names
-    National border record
-    Register of spatial units

-    Building cadastre
-    Land cadastre

-    Real estate register
-    Consolidated cadastre of public infrastructure
-    Real estate valuation models database
-    Data on sheets repartition of the maps
are freely available thru the aplication e-Surveying data, where also information on data structure is published. For more information, please see e-Surveying Data (Free access database).