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The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia is a body within the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The competence of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia comprises the assignments of the national land survey service, which include the creation, administration and updating of databases pertaining to the basic geodetic system, real estate, state border, spatial units and house numbers, and to the topographic and cartographic system.

The land survey service is responsible for the basic data on physical space and real estate in the finalized databases and provides services pertaining to the registration of changes in physical space and on real estate properties, performs the role of a coordinator in the field of the real estate system and the spatial data infrastructure, and, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, is introducing mass real estate valuation with the goal of creating foundations for successful and efficient real estate administration and provision of data for objective and comprehensive real estate taxation as well as increased efficiency of the real estate market. It creates conditions for implementing land surveys and ensures the compliance of the national coordinate system with the European coordinate system.


The Surveying and Mapping Authority consists of the Offices and twelve Regional Surveying and Mapping Authorities.



Director General

Anton Kupic

 +386 1 478 49 00




    Deputy Director General

    mag. Flogie Dolinar Erna   
      +386 1 478 48 13


Main Office                                     

Head of Office

Mateja Omejc

 +386 1 478 49 07


Real Estate Office

Head of Office                               

Franc Ravnihar

 +386 1 478 48 50


Mass Real Estate Valuation Office        

Head of Office

mag. Dušan Mitrović
  +386 1 478 49 70

Geodesy Office

Head of Office

Jurij Režek

 +386 1 478 49 62




12 Regional Surveying and Mapping Authorities


RSMA Ljubljana   
Gregor Gradišar
T:  01 / 241 78 01
E:  gregor.gradisar[@]

RSMA Celje

mag. Damjan Kvas
T:  03 / 428 13 50
E:  damjan.kvas[@]          

RSMA Koper
Istok Dolenc
T:  05 / 663 59 50
E:  istok.dolenc[@]     

RSMA Sevnica


Vladimir Kocjan

T:  07 / 816 35 70

E: vladimir.kocjan[@]


RSMA Kranj

Gorazd Zupanc
T:  04 / 201 80 51
E:  gorazd.zupanc[@]             

RSMA Maribor
Gvido Pehar
T:  02 / 220 16 03
E:  gvido.pehar[@]

RSMA Murska Sobota
Tatjana Flegar
T:  02 / 535 15 70
E:  tatjana.flegar[@]

RSMA Velenje
Rafael Bohak
T:  03 / 898 27 00
E:  rafko.bohak[@]

Boris Premzl
T:  02 / 748 26 20
E:  boris.premzl[@]             

RSMA Novo mesto    
mag. Franci Bačar
T:  07 / 393 10 10
E:  franci.bacar[@]   

RSMA Nova Gorica
Magda Lutman
T:  05 / 330 45 50
E:  magda.lutman[@]              

RSMA Slovenj Gradec
Maja Glavan
T:  02 / 881 23 60
E:  maja.glavan[@]